Over the counter professional advice

Fry’s Pharmacy is here to help you with all of your pharmacy and healthcare needs.

Our pharmacists and staff are constantly upskilling to be able to provide you with the most up to date and relevant pharmacy based healthcare. You have the benefits of our expertise, in a private environment with no need to book an appointment.

Below are some of the many services we cater for:

+ Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Wake up with those lids stuck together? We can assess whether or not you (or a family member) has bacterial conjunctivitis and can provide sufficient treatment. Please note, we take the care of your eyes very seriously and will have no hesitation to refer you to further services if we believe you have a more serious issue.

+ Blood pressure checks

Come in and take a seat for 5 minutes before we test your blood pressure. A quick check to see how the ticker is going. We use this as a quick diagnostic tool to check whether or not you require referral to your doctor for follow up. Cost is $3

+ CPAMs / Warfarin / INR testing

Wanting to avoid a big prick? Fry’s Pharmacy provides a point of care testing service for patients on the blood thinner, Warfarin. If you live locally, we are able to handle all of your warfarin testing needs, from regular testing to dose adjustments and medicine management. This service comes at no cost. If you are holidaying in Richmond or Nelson - we can provide a testing service also (costs apply)

+ Emergency contraceptive pill

Worried about a contraceptive slip up? We always have a trained pharmacist on site that can provide a confidential consultation for The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) or “Morning-After-Pill”. Please visit us as soon as possible, as there is a limited time frame for effective treatment. If you are from the Nelson Marlborough region, we have also teamed up with the Nelson Bays Primary Health Organization to provide extra follow up and care for any necessary situation. Cost is free for local women and no more than $5 for a NZ citizen.

+ Erectile dysfunction

This is more common than what you may think.... Erectile dysfunction is a very real issue for the many sufferers out there. We provide a no obligations private consultation to discuss if Sildenafil (Viagra, Silvasta, Vedafil) could be the right option to help treat the issue. Please allow 15 minutes for the initial consultation.

+ Medicines information

Medicines advice is what Fry’s Pharmacy prides itself on. We are more than happy to discuss with you any medication issues or concerns you may have. We happily provide further written or online information for you to follow up on to insure that you are happy about the medicine you are taking or may be prescribed.

+ Migraines and pain

When life is more than just a headache - check with one of our pharmacists to see if you are suffering from a migraine or tension headache. We have a number of options available.

+ Oral treatment for Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex)

There is never a convenient time for a cold sore and they have a habit of kicking you while you are down. We have options available for treatment from creams / oral tablet course to natural supplementation options.

Remember the wallet, phone, clothes and toiletries but forgot your meds? We may be able to help.... In the right situation, one of our pharmacists can supply up to 72 hours of an emergency medicine. Don’t just skip your regular medicines while being away - come in and see Fry’s Pharmacy.

+ Smoking cessation supplies and support

Time to Quit! Do you want to become smoke free? We have a FREE service to help you on your journey. Please drop in and see us to discuss your options further as we can recommend a fully funded nicotine replacement therapy best suited to you.

+ Travel advice

If you are preparing for a trip overseas, pop in and talk to us about what travel medicines you should consider for your trip abroad. We provide a free “travel medicines” checklist and happily provide advice on what your necessities should be (everything from vaccination advice, malaria consideration to how you should manage your regular medicines while away).

+ Travel sickness

If the destination is about the journey, then of course you want to enjoy the journey! If travelling is not something that your body particularly enjoys, feel free to come and talk to us about our range of options that can help with travel / motion sickness.

+ Urinary Tract Infections—simple antibiotic treatment

Need to go for a wee all the time? Got that burning sensation? Simple urinary/bladder infections can be treated by one of our pharmacists. We will need to have a private consultation with you to make sure that our treatment options are appropriate, so just call in and speak with one of our pharmacists.

+ Vaginal Thrush

Got an irritating itch down there? Simple but annoying symptoms can be clarified and a possible diagnosis reached before treating or referring to your GP if necessary. We have a wide range of antifungal treatments available.

Core dispensing services

Fry’s pharmacy provides a full range of dispensing services including extra services such as:

+ Clozapine monitoring

This is a funded service for those who are prescribed Clozapine. We work closely with our patients and medical team associated with the prescribing of Clozapine.

+ Diabetes monitoring equipment

Got a problem with your diabetes testing kit? Ask one of our pharmacists for help. You may just need a new battery (supplied FREE of charge) or test strips.

+ Long Term Conditions (LTC) care

The next level of dispensing services, LTC takes a holistic view of your care and provides additional services that enhance your medication management. From Medico blister-packing to reminder calls and Yellow Card medicine lists, your LTC pharmacists team up with you and your prescriber to achieve treatment goals, not just dispense medicines. There is no charge for this service and is a conditions based service.

+ Medicine use review

This free service takes you through a process of identifying ways to get the best benefit from your medication. One-on-one, either at the pharmacy, or in privacy of your home, your pharmacist is dedicated to you, your health and obtaining the best results from your medication.

+ Medico blister packing

Often part of our LTC service above or as a fantastic tool to take away the stress of managing multiple medications and times of dosing, blister packing (compliance packing) can also be a useful tool to organise medicines whilst travelling or as a short term aid when carers are away.

+ Return unused medication for safe destruction

Don’t just leave it for the spring clean out ..... Keep your home safe and uncluttered by removing old medicines regularly. We have joined with the NMDHB to provide a free medicines disposal service. We request that you inform us if you are returning any needles or controlled drugs for disposal.