Nelson-Richmond Warfarin INR Testing

We are now conducting INR (warfarin) testing in-pharmacy. This is a free service which involves a quick, virtually pain-free finger prick test. We give you instant results including your recommended warfarin dose.

Nationwide more and more people are experiencing the benefits and convenience of testing at their local Pharmacy.

Patients who test regularly often comment on how much more in control they feel, because they see how diet, sleep, alcohol etc. can influence their INR levels. They start to understand their body and how it copes with daily life.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I test?

Fry’s Pharmacy coagulation testing is an effective solution in enabling you to test more conveniently. Medical evidence shows that testing regularly, enables you to keep your INR levels within your therapeutic range. The interval between tests will be recommended to you by your doctor, nurse or accredited pharmacist.

What is INR (International Normalised Ratio)?

The World Health Organisation recommends using INR as a way to measure and report the results of blood coagulation tests. The International Normalized ratio (INR) was developed by the United Nations and is the globally accepted measurement of the time it takes for your blood to clot.

What does an INR value of 1 or 2 mean?

A person who does not take any anticoagulants (oral anticoagulants) typically has an INR value of 1. A measured INR value of 2 means that blood coagulation takes twice as long. Consequently, with an INR of 3, coagulation takes three times as long.

This means that the higher the INR value, i.e. prolonged coagulation time, the more coagulation (clotting) is inhibited.

What does therapeutic range interval mean?

You will be given a therapeutic range by your doctor according to the condition for which you are taking anticoagulants. Within that range you will have a target INR.

The target INR within the therapeutic range is where you will be at the lowest risk for a complication.

Ie if your therapeutic range was 2 to 3 then your target INR would be 2.5. It is important to keep within your therapeutic range.


For more information please contact us or your local GP.